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Toscelik Granul decided to produce high quality steel shot considering the technical advantages of low carbon steel shot against high carbon, which have not met enough attention in the world of metallic abrasives industry.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality low carbon cast steel shots en suring our customers to benefit from our consistent and efficient technical support.
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The history of TOSYALI Group of Companies dates back to TOSYALI Trade , who was founded in 1952. Its turning into an institution starts with TOSYALI Metal Trade Co., in 1988. Afterwards, TOSYALI Iron and Steel Ind. Co . was run in 1993, TOSYALI Foreign Trade Co . was run in 1996, TOSÇELIK Profile and Sheet Industry Co. was run in 1998 and all companies have been gathered within the structure of TOSYALI Group of Companies in 1998. Latest investment of the Group is TOSÇELİK GRANÜL Ind. Co. which is completed in 2006.  

TOSYALI Group of Companies, one of the leading companies in the sector thanks to the importance given to its quality and institutionalization, is run with the following principles; customer-centered business, pre-sales and post-sales service for customers, unconditional customer satisfaction.

TOSYALI Group of Companies is ready to the integration with the world via its technology. TOSYALI Group of Companies, which has had great success by his institutional identity, the build-up knowledge and educated professional staff power, is successful at being regarded as one of the respective institutions of Turkey.

Adding constant and continual values to its customers under the institutional management style, its reliability and customer-centered running principles and growing together has been the group's philosophy.

TOSYALI Group of Companies, carrying major goals for the development of the region and Turkey, will be mostly in the service of the future of Turkey in the following years with the experience of their 50 years experience

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